CNC routing provides fast and accurate shaping of materials such as Woods, Plastics and Composites in 2D and 3D geometry. Suitable for small and very large format workpieces, our CNC routing facilities allow us to undertake a range of creative and mechanical projects.

Maximum bed size is 2000(X) x 1200(Y) with  stepover ability on the Y-axis

MDF Pattern
Engrave Detail
Foam Pockets
3D Carve

3D Surfacing

For modelling projects we offer a limited 3D profiling machining service achieving organic, contoured surfaces in a range of materials delivering outstanding definition, surface finish and strength. Further extending the scope of project capabilities we combine traditional machining with large format 3D printing to achieve advanced fixturing allowing us to machine geometry usually relegated to specialist machinery unavailable for smaller projects.


By combining advanced tooling and machining strategies we’re able to quickly process sheet materials into a range of complex profiles to close tolerances and achieve excellent edge surface finishes. Pockets, keyways, chamfers and fillets can be integrated into workpieces reducing the need for offline hand finishing, and engraving tools can be used to add a variety of stunning artistic effects onto material surfaces.

Indoor Sign
TV Set Signage
Estate Agents
Casino Promotion
Floor Sign
Shop Front


LED Sign 2.jpg


By incorporating the latest LED technology we manufacture

complex edge and internally lit LED signs to make your brand or product stand out and be known out there in the market place.


We also make LED lights for special occasions like Birthdays, Team Supporter, Anniversaries, Familie Crests, Trophies,  Bedlamps etc.

Contact us today today so we can design you next custom and unique sign.

Olofberg Edge Lit
LED Bedlamp
LED Tree Birthday Light
LED Combo
Savanna Entrance
Bar Signage
Count Pushkin Edge Lit
Family Crest
Shark Supporter
Redbull Edge Lit
Baby Night Light
Edge Lit Cocktail Bar
Family Crest